Update - May 20

>> Thursday, May 20, 2010

He has had 2 events during the day today.

The first one was at school. He was at lunch and locked up and fell over. Sarah caught him before he hit the floor, thankfully. The nurses were there, everyone was there. It tough to watch him seize and I am sorry they had to see that.

The second was at 6:10PM.

He came home, I fed him, gave him the medication I FORGOT to give him and he played. I had been quilt ridden all day and then THIS made it worse.

We were sitting on the couch and he began to go rigid and stare. I helped lay him down but he was already going backward. He slowly began going Clonic and they were INTENSE. his face twitched, his eyes blinked and his whole body rhythmically contracted. It lasted a full minute. And it took him a good ten minutes to fully come out of it. It sucked.

He is sleeping now. Going in and out. Mostly, I think he is just exhausted.


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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