Salem Pond and The Fish That Never Was

>> Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It rained and continued to rain all day that day. No matter, I like the rain and Bug *is* seven and rain means: MUD! And PUDDLES. And WET STINKY SOCKS. It means pure joy.

It was Salem Pond's Annual Fishing Day, or something to that effect, and the schools that were there...well...more than fishes in the pond. It was really cool.

I can describe how Bug just wanted to get into the water, and how we walked around and around and around until we were stopped by one of the many helpers there, and asked:

Has he caught his fish yet?

How to answer? How to answer?

No. (snap)

So they walked us over to the chair under the tent, and plopped a fish pole in my hand. The other hand was holding Bug. I don't know if you know this but you can't fish with one hand. So, Bug was tugging, the fish that was already on the line, was tugging and I was sitting there looking around at the fine folks and saying: Ummmm...I can't let go of him or he will jump in the lake.

They said: Reel him in!

I said: With what? I can't let go of Bug.

Finally the man that was actually not just hearing but was paying attention to the situation stepped in, grabbed the line, that Bug was now playing with, and held up the fish. I took Bug's hand and let him touch the fish. He stopped dead in his wiggles and felt the fish. He pulled his hand back and then touched it again. He liked it. And with that, the fish was placed in the bag and we walked over to the cleaning area. I took a picture BEFORE it was gutted just as proof.

We ditched the fish with the rest of the class and walked around some more. It was cold, and we had fun. I fed him a little lunch that was provided for us and then we walked some more. He started to shiver and I wrapped my arms and coat around him until all he could do was look up and smile. He couldn't move, but he was warm.

And with that, the fishing day was over. His teacher came over and said we were getting on the buses and heading back to school. I checked him over and he was, remarkably dry and clean. Curious. I didn't need the extra socks in my pocket.

We left the fish at school with someone that actually eats those things because...ick.

I can describe that but it's hard to with most things: It has to be lived in 3d with color!


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