May 7, 2010

>> Friday, May 7, 2010

6 events.

We had been on a a roll and then he missed his morning medication. Damn. He had been tough to get to sleep on Wednesday night, so tough in fact that at just shy of 1:00am I gave him a sleeping pill. He had NO seizures but he slept until 10:40. Understandable. So when he woke up I got him ready for school, fed him 2 egg and cheese sandwiches and got him there by 11:30. BUT I forgot his pills. BAD Mommy and I feel terrible about it.

SO I gave him one more Lamictal and one more Zonegran to hopefully help. But it didn't. :(

And this morning, he isn't following directions, he is taking his clothes and diaper off and he hasn't made a sound. Last night, he said I love you. It wasn't clear but I asked him to say it and he did. Wishful thinking? Nope, I have given up on wishing and am focusing more on the tangible aspects of therapies for Bug. I am afraid that those 6 seizures plus the night that almost never was have made him lose some of his memory.

Damn. But we will see what this weekend holds. He sure as hell got his meds this morning.

I got some video of what we are wondering are Gelastic or Myoclonic events. When I pull it from the camera I will put it up and you can tell me.


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