May 13, 2010

>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

7 events.

Ya it sucked. He had 4 Tonic after going to bed, all between 10pm and 12am, then he slept peacefully.

I held his hand all night just so I could feel if he had anymore but it appeared we were in the clear most of the night, until 5am at which point he had 3 more Tonic. All of the seizures last night and this morning were less than 20 seconds and he went back to sleep immediately.

He is tired this morning, or at least he appears to be, and he is acting like something hurts (furrowed brow). I was thinking he had a headache but after the amazing amount of gas he has been letting loose...pretty sure it's an intestinal issue. With all the milk and other food he ate yesterday it's not a surprise he got something that bothered him. Really would like someone to take his stomach issues into account.


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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