They have the COOLEST things

>> Thursday, April 1, 2010

No events.

Bug's school, Dan Peterson Elementary, has THE coolest events for what COULD be the most mundane things.

Today, for example, we walk in and they are having a Tooth Fair. The UVU dental students are there, with educational booths, fun booths and crafts and are teaching the students about proper dental hygiene. Mostly, it was just fun though.

Bug had to go to OT and watching him walk out of the gym, not at all interested in the fun going on around him, made me cry a little. I tried not to, Tay was getting a butterfly painted on her face, and I didn't want anyone to ask if I was OK..yada yada. I did stop before we went to the Fish Pond, thankfully so. We had a blast. They took A LOT of pictures so we will have to wait and see if they send them home with Bug. I want him to have a good time, like Tay and I did. I want him to make a crown and think it is the coolest thing ever. These things I want, are not the things HE wants, so I really shouldn't be concerned with my opinion being his. I can't help but think he is missing out on childhood. But is he really?

Bug enjoys himself, he has a good time, he likes to be outside, he likes to ride the rides at Lagoon. He loves the water, and the beach is really fun with him. He runs into the wave and then as it is coming back in, he runs away. And then falls down laughing. The cutest thing right?

He is doing some deceptive things lately too. Showing some very real opinions. Last night he chased Tay around trying to get the toy she had. He REALLY wanted it. He was getting a little upset so I made Tay give it back. Pissed her off, made him happy and I wondered if it was fair. Then I thought: Eh, Tay can handle it, she needs to learn. BUT I also made HIM let HER play with the Doodle Pro.

It all evens out in the wash.


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