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>> Monday, April 19, 2010


Just shy of 1PM I was getting ready to head home from Salt Lake when I got a text from his teacher. It said:

Glenn has thrown up, can you come get him?

I texted back that I was in Salt Lake but I was on my way but I would try to get Glenn there first. So I called Glenn and asked if he could get him.

Again, as I have said multiple times before, it seems like a simple statement BUT when Bug pukes it's a two person job. One person to calm him down and watch him in case he pukes again and/or he seizes, and one person to clean it up before he plays in it. Yes, he has eaten his own vomit on my watch and that is how I know it's a two person job.

To be specific: I had cleaned him up and was proceeding to clean up the couch when I looked down and he was hand to mouth in it. You're so welcome for that visual - and suddenly he is NOT as cute as he used to be is he?

So we are home, Glenn and I, Glenn on his phone call and me, being mauled by the boy and when not mauled, watching him burp and roll on the ground. It's charming.

If he can't keep his meds down - he will most likely, seize all night. I hope we are not in for a long night.


Megan April 19, 2010 at 6:47 PM  

Oi. And they seriously don't think that the barfing is a symptom? Again I say, Oi.

Nett April 20, 2010 at 11:36 AM  

I know huh? I have a number for a new Doctor that I will call in a bit. Just want to give him some down time away from Doctor's. He visited 3 in 3 weeks last month.

Better start compiling all the juicy details huh? ;)

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