April 2, 2010

>> Friday, April 2, 2010

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When Glenn woke up this morning he grabbed Tay's hand. He held her hand and inched toward her. He put his arm around her and smiled and leaned his head into hers. She was a little weirded out, no idea why but she pulled away. He grabbed her again, and held her again and she submitted for a few minutes. But how long was that going to last? I mean seriously, she is 4. She was out of there in 4 minutes flat. He was a little sad.

I cuddled with him and he snapped out of it. Smiling. Always smiling. OK, not always but a lot.

He didn't really eat, I gave him yogurt to help with antibiotic he has been on and some toast. But that was it. He was done. Two glasses of water and a bunch of spinning before he got to school.

Everyone tells me that he drinks A LOT of water and he has an aversion to sugar. I wonder if those are symptoms? They sound like it to me. Anyone care to speculate?


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