What a night!

>> Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bug's School/District had a Parent's night.

They hold workshops in different classrooms for different needs. We visited 3.

The first was Assisted Technology, Craig and Dennis were fantastic and we have a list of things to investigate. All of them, I think, Bug will be able to do. Best part is better than half of them are free! Really cool.

Second, was PECS. Picture Exchange Communication System hosted by Tammy. Also fabulous. We will most definitely be trying this out. I had read up about it a few years ago and created something similar to it, but now I REALLY know how to do it. I will detail our travails.

Lastly, we stopped and talked to Drew, Bug's physical therapist to talk about Motor Skills. Drew said that Bug was working on peddling, such as bike riding. Which explains him stealing Taylor's tricycle the other day. She was hacked and he was peddling his butt off. Glenn and I were taken aback...it was the first time we had seen him peddle with real intent.

It's the little things.

Imagine if I hadn't gone tonight? My hope is great. Now, let's just hope I have the dedication. More later.


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