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>> Thursday, March 11, 2010

Primary Children's has done this to me twice. TWICE I have been upset and TWICE they have made it right. View the rant: Here. And the joy: Here.

God bless them.

Screw number 11, they have made it back to number 1 in my book. (referring to Primary Children's US News Children's Hospital Ranking). Been to UCLA. They deserve to be lower.

So, I posted that last, well, rant-with-detail and went to Circle Of Mom's to see if I could be of assistance to Mom's struggling with Epilepsy (I try to be supportive, I know what its like to feel all alone and isolated). I got done responding to a question and the phone rang. Home phone. 6 maybe 7 people have that number so I rush to get it and see: UNIV OF UTAH. Oh goodie, I think, it's the surgery lady!

It wasn't.

Well it was. AND it wasn't.

It was Kris Coomans, Director of Pediatric Ophthalmologist for the Moran Eye Center?

Uh oh, I am in trouble.

She introduced herself and said: I understand you were less than satisfied with your visit today?

Uh huh. But I got better. (didn't say EXACTLY that)

And then I told her what had happened. That I felt like Bug was being ignored and that Dr. Eyehole didn't check to even see if there was any referral.

She listened very politely and even laughed in the appropriate places and then said the most amazing thing:

I have looked at his chart and shown it to Dr. Hoffmann, the Head of Department and he would like to see your son. I know you have already driven up here but if you would like to meet with him before we schedule the sedated exam, he will be more than happy to meet with you.

Dumbfounded I replied: I don't think meeting him would be required, there isn't too much more for him to find out about Bug that isn't already in his medical records.

She agreed it probably wasn't necessary but if I would be more comfortable I could call and they would set up an appointment. With that, she thanked me, apologized and handed the phone to LINDSAY. NOT LAUREN. LINDSEY. Being old sucks.

I liked Kris and I really liked Lindsay. It hearkens back to my previous statement about the EXCELLENT support staff. Best I have ever seen, and between Bug and my own orthopedic problems, I have seen more than most.

Lindsay talked with me and validated me and set up an appointment. March 25th. I told her that I can substitue warm and fuzzy for intelligent and educated any day but I wait for my apointments like any other child and I...

expect the same amount of time. She finished my sentence. Beginning to love her.

Curious, I asked her how she knew I was peeved. I didn't complain to anyone, except the people in the waiting room :).

She said: Oh we google Moran Eye Center and Primary Children's and your blog came up (Bug's blog). Damn. Google is getting better. Used to take days, now...he he, hours.

Oh wow, I said: I did vent there.

Yes you did. Giggle.

I promised that I would Blog again immediately about them making it right. Because they turned me from worried, sad Mommy to happy, there-is-something-to-look-forward-to Mommy.

Thank you ever so much lovely ladies, for tolerating a worried Mother and for putting her fears to rest. Thank you for understanding what it is like to feel left out. And for showing me that Primary Children's is the place for Bug. That he is cared for, and he is put first. Even when he stinks.

And then I ran into the other room: Mom! You are NOT gonna believe this!

I read to her that last post (not editing anything, because it was the truth and I stand by it) and she raised an eyebrow. They are gonna be nice to you after that?

It's not me, it's the boy. He is magic.

Thanks again ladies, you are queens among women and you have made my day. I would hug and kiss you if you were here, good thing you aren't, the place is a mess.


Fries Family March 12, 2010 at 9:56 PM  

The woman you talked to that you call Barbara Steele is actually Kris Coomans. She has stepped in as the manager of all pediatric Ophthamology clinics for the Moran Eye Center. I know it can get confusing, the Dr.'s in the Pediatric Ophthamology clinic are Moran Eye Center employees. Yet they practice out of PCMC to keep all pediatric specialties in one building. Kris is a great woman and I'm very glad she was able to make things better for you. And Lindsay is as cute and caring as they come.

Nett March 13, 2010 at 7:38 AM  

AH HA! I KNEW I heard Kris! I couldn't find her name associated with the phone number on the caller ID. Found Barbara's so used it. I was hoping someone would correct me! Thank you!

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