Morning Update - March 22, 2010

>> Monday, March 22, 2010

One event.

Not bad, but concerning, since it was almost 3 hours after his medication. Still, it lasted only about 15 seconds. He was aware though, I hate those kind. He reached for me, somewhat rigid, and as it progressed he let out a loud moan almost a scream. When it passed, he held on to my hand, gave me a smile for a few minutes and then rolled away to go back to sleep. I am glad he recovered so quickly.

He woke up very energetic and hungry. He has been eating really well despite the cold. Curiously, he drank A LOT of water yesterday. By my count, 10 glasses of water. And that's not including whatever anyone else gave him. Today he had 3 glasses and then went for the Coke.

175mg Lamictal
8ml Keppra
150mg Zonegran


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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