Morning Update - March 12, 2010

>> Friday, March 12, 2010

Bug has had a good run of no seizures lately. By my count, two in the last 17 days. Not bad at all. One was kinda my fault. It was due to the sedative they gave him for his MRI. They asked:

Has he had Precedex?

Not thinking about when, I said: Yep. He did just fine.

Well he did BUT it was when he went in for his EEG last year. They gave him DEX to mimic sleep and try to illicit a seizure. And it did.

I felt like the world's worst Mother.

So in 17 days, he really only had one. The Dex one doesn't count. It was drawn out of him. I say that to make me feel better, it does count and two still ain't bad.

Last night he received:
8ml Keppra
175 Lamictal
150 Zonegran

Although, this morning I found a crushed Zonegran, so the little sneak held it between his teeth for a few hours before he went to bed. Operation: Mouth Sweep will commence nightly from this moment on.

This morning he is very vocal. Humming and chirping. He is also sick, runny nose, ickie eyes but he is happy. Makes that handshake yesterday really Karmic given the circumstances.

His pupils seem to be equal today, at least so far. Last night they weren't. And it was VERY discernible. Isn't that how it goes. Mom sees it, Doc doesn't, Mom is labeled overprotective and slightly nuts. I guess, I am. A little.


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