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>> Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bug's appointment was at 8am. Glenn's flight left at 8:20. Seemed like a timing issue that would work out well. And it might have, except I forgot my wallet. Mistake number 1.

We dropped Daddy off at the airport with hugs, kisses and all sorts of well wishes ad headed to Primary Children's. At least, I THOUGHT that was where I was supposed to go.

We headed up North Temple. Mistake number 2. I thought: North Temple is two blocks North of 100s so I can cut over once I get closer to the University. The problem was GETTING TOWARD the University. It took us 25 minutes. We were 10 minutes late. I had to get Bug dressed because we picked him up out of his peaceful slumber (with NO events), blanket and all, and put him into the car. So, the battle of clothing began and ended in 5 minutes. Not bad. He even had shoes.

We walked, rather slowly for some reason, into Clinic B and were told Dr. Munz was at University Hospital in the mornings. Drat. Mistake number 3. I rolled my eyes and followed her directions. Bug was not having it though and was literally dragging his feet.

What should have taken less than 3 minutes to traverse took us 10. He was NOT having it. So, we got to the correct place, he sat in his OWN chair because he did NOT want to have anything to do with my lap and he played with some toys. I got him all signed in and less than 4 minutes later, they called us back.

Bug was weighed...53 pounds..although I call BS on that...and we were moved into the room. Dr. Munz will be right in, one of us heard and the door closed. Then the door opened and in walked Dr. Munz. I really like him. He said Hi to Bug, proffered a high five and then sat down. Bug walked over to the empty stool and began to spin. True to form.

Is that OK? I asked, having remembered my LAST doctor visit.

Dr. Munz, grinned and said: And expected as long as he doesn't try to sit on it. At that PRECISE moment, Bug tried to sit on it. I rushed over and took him off and let him continue spinning it.

Dr. Munz began: We are discussing his ABR, correct.

I held my breath: Yes.

It was abnormal, signalling some brain stem problem but it was not completely abnormal. So, let's see if he has some fluid (paraphrasing).

Sure enough, right ear was fluid filled and left ear was clear. The left ear was the one with the missing waveform.

I pointed out that he does NOT like anyone to touch his right ear. Never has, as far as I can remember. That would be the fluid.

Dr. Munz continued: We will want to keep an eye on him for two months. Studies have shown that the fluid levels in a child's ear can fluctuate on a daily basis, so we give it some time.

I had already heard that so it was not a shock.

I asked a little about Speech Therapy and he told me that Bug should have it at least 3 times a week. THAT is gonna be a battle. I will NOT fight that fight until I KNOW if he needs tubes or not. We could just be spinning our wheels.

Bug walked over to Dr. Munz as he was sitting on his stool and began to jabber at him. Munz raised an eyebrow slightly and listened. Bug 'talks' with his mouth closed. It can sound like he is saying words with his lips together. It's very curious. And Munz heard it. Cool.

We gathered up our belongings and headed out to the desk with Dr. Munz to make another appointment for May 17th. Mom's birthday. Should be easy to remember. :)

We left at 9:15.

The appointment was less than 10 minutes but I did not feel hurried, or judged, or ignored. It was perfect. Bug would NOT have lasted longer.

I cried a little at the thought of a damaged Brain Stem. That means there is a VERY real possibility that I will never hear my little boy say Mommy. While that is kinda shocking, I really am OK with it. I am lucky in other ways. He is happy. He is social. He gets his point across. He is barely on the Autism Spectrum and I think we a little PECS, we can get him off of it. It's all about the pictures.


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