One tooth down...

>> Wednesday, February 24, 2010

...whole bunch more to go.

We were getting ready to eat dinner, I placed his plate in front of him and he looked up at me. I saw a black spot in between his bottom teeth and said:

Are you missing a tooth?

I walked around the counter and sure enough...tooth...gone. In it's place I can see the new tooth. Maybe it's a silly thing but I am so excited about this I can't begin to explain. I suppose that it's a spot of normal in what is not actually normal. Or it's just that he is my first born, and my little prince. Either way...


And he swallowed it. :)

It was there before we went to Walmart and there while we were walking around, he held my had the entire time and didn't sit in the seat, he even pushed the cart for a while, and smiled at me. He smiled at me a lot. I would have noticed it if it was gone then but it wasn't. We came home, he played on the floor while I fried things for dinner and then I put him in his seat and the rest is history.

Of course I searched the floor, the car, the toys, the couch, his chair, his plate of food, NADA. He had to have swallowed it and I am not that dedicated to get it back. But just in case anyone wants to see how cute he is I have the picts. He was yawning and yes, he still has a runny nose. Sorry for the gross but it is completely cute anyway.


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