>> Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The last two nights we have been giving Bug his new meds: Keppra XR. It was fun to get. Expensive, quite but important. The ONLY problem is he chews them. This is bad. he is NOT supposed to break the capsule. Bummer. BUT we get one in him before he refuses anymore, bitten in half, but half is better than nothing and give him some of the liquid still. It has worked. He has not had ANY events. Not early into sleep and not early in the morning. This is good.

So far, we have renewed hope. Once he learns to swallow them whole he only needs to take two pills at night and the Lamictal during the day. This could be really good.

He is VERY happy the last few days, he smiles A LOT and jabbers like crazy. I won't say HOPT but I do want this to be HIM, I want to be seeing who he is, more and more because I love this little man and the person I have seen the last few days has been amazing. Please, let this be good for him, let this be our little boy coming back.


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