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>> Friday, September 4, 2009

A lot happens in a week. This week was no exception.

Saturday, we all went to Lagoon and had fun. Sunday, Bug and I got sick. The kids stayed home from school Monday and Tuesday and on Wednesday, Bug got his stitches out, I was tested, and came up positive for Strep Throat. On Thursday, Daddy went to San Francisco and Bug was diagnosed with Strep Throat. He was given Amoxicillin and we all muddled through the day.

That night, just before bed, Bug puked. The sheets needed to be washed already so it wasn't THAT big of a deal, except...

It takes forever to adjust to a puking child. I don't mean, Mom I don't feel well...vomit. I mean, laughing, playing, spinning something...vomit. Anywhere, anytime for no one knows what reason. It happens every few months, sometimes sooner, and when I mention it to Doctors, they say: Kids do that. Oh really? I have never known a child that pukes that much. EVER. He does do it more when he is phlegmy but how often should that be? If he has THAT much phlegm, maybe he has a bad allergy that the Doctor didn't test for. BTW, I hate back allergy testing, I just don't see the same histamine response as on the arm, yes, you can do more at one time, but I want a more detailed result. I digress...Back to regularly scheduled update.

If he isn't phlegmy all the time, and he isn't, why is he puking? He eats a lot. Yes, he eats a lot ALL the time though, but only pukes every so often. The poor kid has been to so many Doctors over the last 2 months but I'm afraid he needs to go see a few more. We need more answers and he can't tell us.

His meds are working for less and less time. Last night, he had 3 seizures right after bedtime and then two after 6:00am.

He had 200mg Lamictal and 10ml of Keppra before bed. Since the Keppra doesn't really build up in the system, one has to maintain a constant dosage through well spaced ingestion. Because it is passed through the kidneys, saving it for when he REALLY needs it isn't horrible. In fact, he is supposed to have 5ml in the morning and 5ml in the evening...he would seize all night. I need to talk to Shari again. Sigh.


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