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>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bug didn't get his meds last night before he fell asleep. Glenn and I were at Tay's back to school night and Nana wasn't sure what to give him. He had 2 before 10 and I gave him his meds when we got home at 10:30. He stayed up, refusing to sleep until about 12:00, up again at 5:00 and seizure at 6:00. Crappy, craptastic. I have no idea where to go from here..I suppose it could be a break through event but who the hell knows?

He is very hyper and not paying attention to anything I say to him. He was starved this morning and when I called him in for breakfast...he didn't come. I told him food was ready and he acted like I was speaking a foreign language. Very frustrating.

Going to check out Kids On The Move today or tomorrow. At least he is happy and smiling and giving lot's of love.


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