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>> Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sometimes, when I get really pissed, I get really calm and my arguments are vicious. Glenn told me once he hates to fight with me. I said: Then don't. So that Friday, when I was so pissed, I called all over and talk to so many people it began becoming a blur EXCEPT...

...Tay was being Tay and was whining about going to school. So I said: Fine get in the car and we ended up being 20 minutes early. It was a sign, a big neon sign that said: GET OVER TO THE PEDIATRICIAN AND GET A REFERRAL! The kids Ped, Dr. Knorr, is next door to Tay's school. Well, Duh! So I went in and asked for the referral I needed to the Hearing Assessment Clinic at Primary Children's. They kind of hemmed a hawed a little about has Dr. Knorr treated him for this? I sighed and said this exact thing, remember, I am pissed and have slept for only a few hours: Dr. Knorr and I have DISCUSSED this but he is being TREATED at Primary Children's, I have called them but sometimes they are too slow. You see, he has SOO many seizures, 13 last night, that anytime ANY Doctor has to treat him they referr him away to Dr. Van Orman. I can not get a hold of Doctor Van Orman at the moment and so I am here, BEGGING Dr. Knorr for a referral to just have his hearing evaluated. I have been asking for this for 3 years, and over 1500 seizures later, I am still asking. I watch him seize and then he doesn't say Mamma for a few days. Please, just ask.

And they did. They called a nurse in and I said one thing to her: 13 seizures, each one takes more of his speech away and I just want to know if he can understand or hear at all. She said: No problem, I will talk to him and call you back. I blinked. Dumbfounded. Why the hell isn't SHE on the front desk?

Later that day, she called. I gave them a few days, since I KNOW how Primary Children's works, and then I called and got him an appointment. The lady was so nice. She agreed that the seizures and the speech should be treated as seperate things until someone, or some test, can link the two. I told her I was gonna kiss her when I saw her. She giggled. It was cute and I just might.

He goes in on October 8th and 10am. Prayers are needed. This is a big one.


Sharon December 4, 2009 at 3:48 PM  


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