What a morning!

>> Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bad me, need to post his first day of school pictures but...

August 23rd
He went three whole nights with no events and then began to cluster. He would sleep, then seize, then sleep, then seize. After 5 events in 30 minutes I gave him the Diastat. He slept well and went to school happy. Mrs. Downs said he was a little withdrawn but interacted more in the classroom than the playhouse. This is good.

Last night, he started to do it again. I did NOT want to give him another Diastat. So I gave him A LOT more Keppra and he had one more and then was done. I will call Shari and tell her about this. It's good and it's not so we will have to see.

BUT..the great part of the morning: Bug has been waking up completely dry for a while now. I haven't managed to get him to the potty before he wets until today. And even better than that, he motioned at his crotch. So, I ran him to the bathroom. He sat on the potty for a bit, tightened his tummy and then...he peed. He peed well. He got some on me and the floor, but that's little boys for ya, and he didn't stop for quite a while. I was so happy I did the potty dance. I used to do it for Tay, now I did it for Bug. It made him laugh and I like it when he laughs.


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