August 1, 2009

>> Saturday, August 1, 2009

I managed to get Bug his medications at 9:00pm, and half hour later he was asleep. I thought he was doing well, until 10:45 when he had a 15 seconds T/C. He fell back asleep and slept soundly, until 4:20am when he awoke for the day.

Or so HE thought.

Glenn and I were not having it. I took away all his toys, forced him to lay down and gave him a Unisom. One. I may not have needed to because after hiding the toys, he was quiet immediately and asleep in half an hour. There really is 'something' and by something I mean, hair pulling, nail grating, what is that noise? annoying about that motor boat sound at 4:30 in the morning. And while motor boat sounds is a very good thing from a speech standpoint...he was lucky.

We thought he was gonna have more seizures after that. Being up and running around like that at 4:00 am is a sure sign that his brain is hyper and he did. Two more, each about 15 seconds and he recovered quickly. Went back to sleep. He awoke at 8:15 smiling.

At the moment, he hates everything. I think he is still tired from the Unisom but he is sick again so who knows? I just hope he stops slapping me for no reason.

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