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>> Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 22, 2009

What a week! Bug started the Keppra the early morning of Tuesday the 14Th. Since then, he has been seizure free! It's a new 60 day record. So to recap:

Monday day - nasty ones
Monday night - none (Keppra)
Tuesday night - none
Wednesday night - none
Thursday night - none
Friday night - none
Saturday night - none
Sunday night - none
Monday night - none
Tuesday night - none

He had a rough couple of days at the beginning of the Keppra. Very emotional for no apparent reason. When he was hungry, if we didn't feed him in time, he would cry and hit himself. He even went so far as to bruise his thighs a bit. It was tough to watch, but nothing would calm him until he ate. Once he ate, he was fine.

He had one event that wasn't food related. He just cried and cried and slapped himself. He did this until we got him home and gave him his nightly dosage. An hour later, he was asleep.

One morning he awoke crying. THIS was completely new. He was weeping and wanted to cuddle with me. I held him and kissed him and he eventually went back to sleep. When he woke next, he was his normal happy self. We suspect he had a bad dream. Not to sound harsh but that would be cool. We aren't sure he has ever dreamed.

He seems to be less emotional now. His appetite has decreased some and he no longer scrounges for food.

On Monday, he had a half hour EEG and follow up appointment. The EEG showed that the majority of his brain appears to have more normal waveforms, but his frontal lobes are still erratic. This could account for his lack of speech.

He is more focused and watches TV, he hasn't watched TV for years. This is encouraging.

AM dosage
100mg Lamictal
2.5ml Keppra

PM dosage
175mg Lamictal
2.5ml Keppra


Megan July 22, 2009 at 11:18 AM  

Poor little guy. But it sounds like there's progress now. Btw, I am excited to see them both again. Even with all the headaches they can cause. xD Can't stay away from them. <3

Nett July 22, 2009 at 11:20 AM  

LOL, I know what you mean. You will like the new Bug actually. He is just like he was when he was 2, except poopier. :)

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