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>> Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 8th
It was 9:30pm, Bug was winding down and I was talking to a friend. He was laying, quietly, on the floor on a pillow. Occasionally he would throw out a DaDa NoNoNo but for the most part, quiet. It was nice.

And then the Sister comes barreling into the room, tickle fingers at the ready and wiggling. She pounces on her unsuspecting victim and he SQUEELS in delight. It is too cute to stop, he is laughing. Bug's laughter is contagious. His entire BODY shakes with glee and his smile..well, it's a Mother's dream. So I, foolishly, enjoyed the sounds of the children playing and laughing, throwing out a: Hey, too loud, calm down. But for the most part I just listened and Kate listened. She did say: Wow, what is going on there?


For a while. Then he couldn't shut down. At 11:00pm Tay was sleeping, Bug was not. At 12:00am too. At 12:45 I took him out of our room and pinned him on the couch. He was given a sleeping pill, we ONLY give those when he is like this. Once Bug hits a certain point, there is almost NO chance he will fall asleep on his own. Medication is his only hope. When he is sleepless, he is more likely to have seizures. Some people question this practice, I tell them: I'll send him over next time.

Daddy came out and laid on the floor by him. By 1:15 he was sleeping soundly. He slept really well all night, getting up at 9:00am. No events. I was surprised. I was counting on him clustering after being so hyper but...he slept peacefully.

Although, I have learned my lesson. No playing after 8.


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