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>> Sunday, July 5, 2009

We all went to Layton park to celebrate. Bug walked around on the Monkey for a bit and then both he and Daddy got tired so we put him in the stroller. It's fabulous to be back in Utah. In California, they have a parade and fireworks. That's it. And we watched the fireworks from the Target parking lot. Shot them off the top of the mall they did.

But not in Utah. In Utah, they party all day in some areas. No coin-diving in saw dust anymore but plenty of things to jump on, in and over. It was great. Bug loved watching the people and, occasionally, he would reach out for someone passing by. They would stop and hold his hand and, not just acknowledge him, but try to interact. It was great.

By the time we were doing the 'blowing up' portion of the evening, he was very tired. I left him in his car seat, playing with his book and eventually he fell asleep. This scared me and I hovered. He had one 40 second one and fell back asleep in Daddy's arms. Right before we were getting ready to go, he had another. Daddy has handing him over to me so I could put him in the car and he felt him begin to tighten up. It lasted 30 seconds.

We ran back to Mom and Dad's to check on Dad (who had some teeth pulled...8 to be exact) and pick up the stuff we had left earlier. Both kids were sleeping so we brought them in and laid them on the couch while we gathered our belongings. Bug slept for about 45 minutes while we got everything and filled Dad in on the night. Just as we were going to pick him up...he had another. This one was over a minute. Papa and I comforted him as best we could and tried to make him comfortable. Glenn and I decided that if he had one more, he was getting Diastat as soon as we got home.

I didn't take his meds with me, so he hadn't had any Lamictal for hours. Bad Mommy. Gonna buy a pill case today and carry at least a days worth of his meds. Also gotta find my Diastat case that I usually have with me. No idea why it wasn't there.

We got home, got to bed and when he had a seizure at 4:50, I gave him the Diastat and he slept well. We slept well. Sleeping was nice.

He got up around 11:30 and flashed me a big grin when he saw me. He was verbal and VERY active. Very. The house is a mess.

125mg Lamictal AM


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