Morning Update - July 1, 2009

>> Wednesday, July 1, 2009


One minor event in the evening. Rigid, less than 10 seconds immediately following his medication. Slept soundly once he went back to sleep. Bug did not want to sleep after his seizure. He was bent on staying up for a bit. We turned off all the lights and the TV and listened to his DaDa DoDo for about half hour before he drifted off. I started out annoying with me contributing a fair amount of SHHHH!!!!! But after 10 minutes it just became funny. Ba, Da, Do, Ma...his sounds are fun to hear.

I thought that maybe he had a couple small events but Glenn assured me that was not the case, he was just settling in. So no Melatonin and 175mg of Lamictal seems to be a great thing. I need to be sure to give him is pills a little earlier in the evening.

Morning was NOT fun though. He ate his cereal and we left him in his chair while I showered. When I got out, he had decided he was still hungry and ate the only thing he could get his hands on. One guess: he made it himself and I had to shower him and sterilize his chair after. Sigh.

He is running around the house turning lights off and on and spinning deftly on his Sit and Spin. Not so much Sit as an amazing amount of Spin while kneeling. I will try to get a video of the Sit and Spin. It's totally cool.


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