Morning Update and catch up - July 4th, 2009

>> Saturday, July 4, 2009

We were religious about Bug getting 175mg at night. It seemed to work. He had one minor event, which may or may not have been a true seizure since it was so rapid and not as intense. He did have one in the car on the way to get Nana yesterday. He fell asleep and right before waking, he had 'startling' type of event. He awoke as if he had been startled and had a look of 'what is going on' on his face. I reached back for him and he grabbed my hand. Even though he had complete control, I believe it was a small seizure.

Last night...sucked.

Glenn and I attended the Utah Symphony Independence Day Celebration at Sundance and Mom was watching the kids. She said Bug was VERY active but not annoying. He had many soiled diapers and would NOT go to sleep. It was 11:15 when I laid down with him. At 11:40 he had is first, it was fairly mild, he was rigid and gasping but still able to control his arms and legs. It lasted 20 seconds.

At 5:40 he had a big one. A really big one. He hasn't had a long seizure in months but this one was almost a full minute. He has rigid, swallowing hard and trying to move his arms and legs without success. At 6:30 he had another one. This was over a minute. Rigid, hard swallowing, couldn't control his arms and legs effectively but was able to try to reach for things. He never fully awoke and immediately drifted back to sleep.

At 8:20 he had one more. This one was milder, thank heavens. He was rigid but could control his arms and legs, he was gasping and it lasted 15 second.

I have no idea if this was a fluke or not. He woke up smiling and happy and very verbal. He went upstairs to fetch Nana and is now pounding on the bathroom door trying to get her to come out. Kinda cute.

Not a way to start the 4th of July. We missed breakfast and the parade but what can you do? A night like that needs as much sleep as possible.


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