July 8, 2009

>> Wednesday, July 8, 2009


No events last night either! Whopppee.

Not to say that yesterday wasn't eventful. It was. It was gross.

July 7th

Bug was very cute all day, very cuddly and smiley. He sat by me and was watching TV, when he saw something he liked, he would grab my neck and shake me. Yep, it's as painful as it sounds. He's 60lbs and strong. Having as many seizures as he has, will tend to strengthen the muscles. Sounds crappy but it's true. It's a work out.

After, oh, all day, of this joy, he started getting a little whiney. Now, he doesn't do this much anymore and I knew something was wrong. Like a fool, a fool with a certain amount of hope that he will, one day, just spout out: Mom shut the hell up, I asked him if he was sick to his stomach. He looked at me and whined. Bad sign.

So I watched him. He sat by me for about a half hour and I eyeballed him. He went upstairs, whining as he went, laid down at the top of the stairs and took a nap. This was a good test. He had taken a nap a few days earlier and had a seizure, but not this time. He slept for half hour and woke up smiling. I thought he felt better and cuddled with him when he came downstairs and sat by me on the couch.

All I really should say is: Thank God in his heaven that we bought a Pleather couch. He just sat there and then began to wretch. I grabbed the diaper wipes container, opened it up but missed a majority of the first wave. I got almost all of the rest though, yea me. Small victory. I hurried him off to the bathtub just as Tay walked in sunburned. I was already crying...I will detail why in another post...and seeing her burnt, having ignored me, yet again, and having not come in to get sunscreen on, well it sent me into sobbing hell. With new allergy meds, it was interesting.

He didn't want a bath, at first. Tay did though. I told her through my sobs, that she wasn't getting a bath at the moment and I was very disappointed with her. She cried. She apologized. She apologized while crying. Bug began to cry. My shoulders slumped, I stopped crying but was still gasping (you know what I mean) and made sure the water was cooler so he would be happy.

I dunno if he was happier or if he was just humoring me, because when I washed my hands, arm, leg, and shorts and grabbed for the towel, he stood up. The towel is his signal to get out of the bathtub. He does NOT always want to get out of the bathtub and will ignore me but this time, I wasn't even near him and he stood up. When I dried my arm and leg, he sat back down. I giggled and walked toward him and brought the towel up...he stood up. I put it down, he bagan to sit back down and I starting feeling badly so I held it back up and got him out. It's not in my nature to tease him too much, it's taking advantage and I don't do that.

He got out, we dried him off and he sat with me until Daddy came home, only a few minutes later. Glenn saw me and said: Ummm...how's it going? The end part of that question went up an octave or so. Glenn suspected I was gonna tell him the kids were on eBay or something. I wouldn't do that to anyone.

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Nett July 16, 2009 at 10:36 PM  

Why yes, yes it is. Side effect is I have arms like a dude. Don't know if that is such a good thing, but it gets the job done.

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