July 28, 2009

>> Tuesday, July 28, 2009


He didn't want to fall asleep until someone was laying beside him. So I did. And ten minues later at 10:45 he had a seizure. A grand mal, long. He fell back asleep and fifteen minutes later he had another. I debated giving his medication time to work, but really, I held out little hope it would and I gave him Diastat. He slept.

At 7:15 he had another. Today I am calling his Doctor's again and giving up the pleading and the begging for something to change.

Talked to Shari, bless her for calling me back so quickly, and we are upping his dosage to 4ml 2x a day. I think this will go higher but hopefully it will give him some relief for a few days. Fingers crossed.

For the record, Keppra dosage is done by Kilogram. He can have 60ml per Kilo if needed. Hoping it's not needed.


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What a Seizure looks like (Graphic Content Included)


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Seizure Tracker.com
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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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