>> Monday, June 29, 2009

The last few days were crazy busy...and I have yet another sinus infection, bad one too. Gratefully, Bug and I will be going to an allergy Doctor on Thursday. I am hoping to be able to give him some relief from his congestion and maybe find out if he has a food allergy as well.

He has been having multiple small events nightly. We changed his medication back to 150 at night(accidently Daddy) and he will usually have no events until the morning. I gave him 100 this morning and he will get 175 tonight and we will see if he burns through it before morning.

I will be taking him to get his blood tests to verify that the dosage is correct and that his liver is tolerating it well. He is a healthy, active little guy so I imagine all is well, but we have to make sure.

He is being very vocal and playing independently. He will seek out Taylor once every so often and chase her for a while giggling like a mad man.

He got a haircut on Saturday and did pretty well. He wasn't screaming and kicking so I guess we can say it was great. He is strikingly handsome with his hair short. Cutting off his golden locks is tough sometimes, his hair is so beautiful, but the buzz cut..oh my, does it get attention.

Glenn went to the Gun Show and took Bug to Hooters after(yeah, Hooters, it IS a family restaurant after all) and evidently, our little boy was a big hit. Glenn said the waitresses were fawning over him. Yeah, it happens. And happening at Hooters...that's just a smart play on Glenn's part. Everyone is happy about the attention. Besides, Bug does like chicken wings.

June 29, 2009

Bug had three events this morning. Two that were questionable. I heard a load moan and by the time I sat up he was looking at me and fading off to sleep. The last one was unmistakable, small scream, rigid, non-blinking, less than 15 seconds. After the last one, at 8:10, he walked over to me and cuddled for almost 20 minutes. I could see he was debating going back to sleep, but he fought it off and stayed awake.

He hasn't eaten much. Yet. But I am sure lunch will be hearty.


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