The prescription confusion

>> Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I went to pick up Bug's prescription from Dr. Van Orman and the pharmacy said: We have a problem.

I shouldn't have but I immediately got my back up and braced for a fight.

She said: 9 pills twice a day?

If that is how he wrote it.

But, your insurance says I can't.


It's not a pediatric dosage.

So we figured it out. 18 x 25 = 450

No wonder they wouldn't. I told her that we were at 275 not 450 so I thought we should call to verify. And she did.

I got a call this AM from Dr. Van Orman's office asking if I understood the instructions. I giggled. I understand that he gets no more than 275 a day, which he has been on for 4 days with no events. She said she spoke to the Dr. and that 9 pills 2 times a day was the highest he would go but for now, the 275 is the cap. She asked if we were building up to it or jumped to it. I told her that he had mentioned if the patient doesn't have an issue by 150 then he/she most likely will not. So, we did it and he has been seizure free since.

We got it worked out. It's these little things ya know? Little things that are so important.


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