Morning Update June 24, 2009

>> Wednesday, June 24, 2009

8:15 (not bad)

Bug had ONE event last night. At 11:30 he had a 15 second seizure where he was rigid and yet trying to move his arms and legs. THESE kill me. He struggles against them so much. When it was over, he got up and crawled on my lap and clung to me. REALLY clung to me. I almost cried.

When he awoke he was very energetic and still is. He woke me up by shaking me and then when I didn't move he fell onto one knee that was planted in the small of my back. He weighs almost 60 pounds. Ya, I'm sore and it didn't work. So there.

Even though he has problems with comprehension, the toilet, social boundaries and a list of other things, he needs to learn how NOT to act when people have their eyes closed. He has his moments, when he just watches us sleep, and sometimes it's creepy factor is ginormous. I wonder what he is thinking. I imagine it's something like: If you don't get up and feed me I will kill you.

Glenn woke up when his alarm went off and Bug ran off to follow him. Tay came over to canoodle with me and we tried to get a bit more sleep. Glenn got in and out of the shower, got dressed and snuck out of the house. I resented this.

Bug ate all of his food and some of his sister's. He is all over the place today and I am going to try to get the dishes done and the house somewhat cleaned. Of course I will have to lock him somewhere in order to accomplish this great feat. Or I can just follow behind him picking things up and putting them in their non-appropriate place but out of his reach all the same. And after he climbs up to get it and knocks over all the REALLY important things, like Grandpa Glenn's Transit, then I will throw my hands up, swear a lot, send Taylor over to the neighbors, and go dye my hair. With Bug trapped in my room while I do it. Venting over. Day really beings.


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