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>> Saturday, June 20, 2009


Bug was amazing today. He was so calm and cheerful. He carried a Dora The Explorer Book around all day and would open it, turn the pages and laugh. He laughed so much it made Mom and I giggle all day. It was amazing considering the night he had.

He was very verbal and has taken to pulling out the air registers and sticking his hands and feet into the vent. Luckily, or gratefully :), he hasn't been putting toys and food into them.

He went shopping with us and was content to hold my hand and walk instead of tugging on me to go. We took him to the shoe department and he sat quietly on the floor giggling at his book. I was VERY concerned about him all day.


Seizure at 10:40 followed by another at 11:10. We got the Diastat ready but decided to wait until he had one more. He had only had his nighttime meds an hour earlier so we are giving him a little time for it to hit full strength. Both of them were pretty mild and Mom said the last one was less than 15 seconds. Both were over by the time I got to him so they must have been less than 30 seconds each. Not looking forward to tonight. I will sleep with the dispenser nearby just in case.


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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