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>> Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wake Up: 7:02

Today was an energetic, happy day. Bug was all over the place and he was hungry. He ate 4 meals and snacked a little.

Nana and Papa came down and he was very excited! They both commented on his verbalization's. Many new sounds. However, EVERYTHING was MaMa MaMa today. Glenn thought he said: I love you Mom but I missed it. Darn it. Showed him a large SpongeBob pillow and tried to encourage him to say SpongeBob...he walked away. Oh well.


VERY playful, running after people and laughing, taking off his diaper and running away laughing, stole food from Tay and laughed. He kept grabbing my arm and tugging, then he moved on to putting his feet on my arm and pushing. All the while, laughing and even snorting at one point. He's very strong, my shoulder hurts.

Still congested but drying up. No events as of posting.

Bedtime 10:00pm (so excited about the folks visiting)

125mg Lamictal AM
150mg Lamictal PM


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