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>> Thursday, June 18, 2009


Bug was energetic but not hyper. Very playful but not pushy.

He was with Daddy on his computer and was responding to the music Dad was playing. Glenn would stop the music and Bug would grab his hand and guide him to how he thought the music should start again. Glenn would start it and then stop it a little bit later. After several times, Glenn went to play darts and left the music playing. Bug came out and danced a little, not like he used to but was definitely dancing. The music stopped. Bug went back into the office and Glenn heard him try to start the music. After a few attempts, Glenn went in to help, showed him how to do it and went back to play darts. Bug came out and danced again and when the music stopped, promptly went into the office and started it again without help. This is a good sign that he is able to retain information again! Wee Hoo!

Bug ate A LOT today. Can't even detail it he never stopped it seemed.

He is still not feeling well and his cough sounds bad but productive.


125mg Lamictal AM
150mg Lamictal PM


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