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>> Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wake Up

Today Bug was playful. Taylor and Cassie were watching a movie and Bug kept trying to give Cassie loves and kisses. He would run after them, surprise them and then laugh.

He had 3 meals and various snacks including pretzels that he got himself. He ould not use the utensils.

5 soiled diapers, one shower and one bath. Spun a necklace whenever he could all day.

Not as aggressive about attention but still very attentive. He would lay next to me and then sneak up on me and give kisses. Very cute. Still needed to be calmed down and got upset and slapped himself. I tried to calm him and he would head butt me.

Fell asleep at the table after a late dinner. 9:30 moved to couch. 10:10 partial seizure. Rigid but still could move his arms and legs. Reached out for me and tried to touch my face but wasn't quite successful.

Back asleep at 10:30.

75mg Lamictal AM
100mg Lamictal PM


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