EOD Rundown

>> Monday, June 8, 2009


Today was an ADHD and OCD day.

No daytime events.

Wanted to be held and cuddled,became agressive when I would not let him sit on me. He wanted to play with Tay and Cassie and got VERY upset when they would close the door and scream, pretending he was gonna get them. Some independant play but mostly tried to engage others to play with him. Pulled curtain down 4 times to look out front door.

Sat on the deck and played with the vertical blinds.

Would not use utensils, spun noodles, ate 4 real meals and a few snacks. Spilled A LOT of water today. Water was the running theme. Two showers for leaking diapers, followed by one bath. 4 spilled water glasses and intentionally dumped water on the floor at McDonalds.

Waited for me to go to the car, and got out of the car himself but made me put him into it. Kicked off my knees while riding in the cart and grabbed for people and things.

Said Ma Me and grabbed my face. Kissed my arm when it was on the back of the couch. Held Taylor's hand several times and smiled at her when she smiled at him.

75mg Lamictal AM
100mg Lamictal PM



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